September 5 - Pray for International Impact

Whilst this year's conference is more local in focus, there is much to pray about in terms of international impact:

  • Give thanks for the 19 countries represented at the conference, and pray for all of the registrants from those countries as they prepare and have extended travel time and travel away from families and churches.


  • Pray for all those who will engage internationally through the livestream, and pray for everyone promoting the livestream and helping the word to get out in the next few weeks.


  • Pray for the international panel on Wednesday morning who discuss congregational singing around the world, that this will be deeply inspiring for everyone and help crystallize thinking for many.


  • Pray for the late-night movie on Tuesday, "Tortured for Christ", that it will be inspiring and moving to hear Richard Wurmbrand's story so effectively told.


  • Pray already for the many internationals we are gathering next year for the 2018 conference and for the the scholarship programs to be made available for them.