Pray for the Resources

It is often said that the greatest resource in life is people.  So, when praying for the conference, pray it will be a great time for encouraging, inspiring and personally investing in the lives of each other...through our meetings and hallway conversations and our singing together.
That said - publications and Internet streams and recordings and all of the other kinds of resources are a huge part of what extends the value of conferences as we each take back to our churches and homes some part of what we experienced and want to share with others.  With that in mind,

  • Pray that the conference breeds new songs for churches and new songbooks to carry them
  • Pray for Walker Downs, Tim Harrelson, and the wonderful LifeWay team who are bringing more than 600 book titles plus music recordings to help equip leaders and stir congregations
  • Pray for the development of new resources coming out of the conference talks and seminars, and pray also for Drew Porterfield and the skillful team of LifeWay technicians overseeing that they are electronically captured and subsequently presented in ways that are beneficial to many.
  • Give thanks for the whole LifeWay team - Thom Rainer, Mike Harland (and the entire LifeWay Worship team), Jennifer Lyell and Devin Maddox (and the B&H Publishing group), Vicki Dvoracek, Jenaye White, and others from LifeWay directly involved in the conference, and for the thousands more at LifeWay offices and stores who work each day to create and deliver resources for the Church.