August 22 - Pray for Songwriters

In the book, we quote Gary Haugen, CEO of International Justice Mission, who shared with us the story about a civil rights leader who, early in the struggle, was resoundingly defeated and came home an apparent failure. When asked if he had been encouraged by anything, he said that he realized for the first time they would finally win. Why? Because they had the songs people were singing, the melodies that would carry the movement. He knew that whoever has the songs has the people.
Let's pray for songwriters coming to the conference - 

  • That many will be inspired to grow their creative abilities and write good songs - by a strong biblical conviction, by fresh artistic sounds and ideas, and by new relationships they make
  • That the conference will be a contributor, alongside many other sources, to the birth of a new generation of songs that build the church around the world at this exciting moment in history to be Christians
  • Let's pray churches are introduced to new songs and songwriters and old songs as well as old songwriters through the conference