August 30 - Pray for International Justice Mission

Early in development of the conference, we found ourselves in conversation with an organization called The International Justice Mission. We wanted to do something together, but we asked ourselves where does a conference about congregational worship intersect with an organization seeking to end slavery and free people from abuse? 

As we prayed about a possible partnership and continued the conversation, we were reminded of how the songs of the Bible speak so often about justice. God frequently uses singing as a way to teach truths about who He is and what He has done, to comfort His children in times of suffering, and to propel His people to be engaged in the brokenness of the world.

We also saw the desire that Gary Haugen and the whole IJM organization have for the singing community to be working with them.  You will remember we previously passed along the story that Gary shared with us about a civil rights leader who, early in the struggle, was resoundingly defeated and came home an apparent failure. When asked if he was encouraged by anything, he said that he realized for the first time they would ultimately win. Why? Because they had the songs people were singing and the melodies that would carry the movement.  He knew that whoever had the songs has the people!

Please take a moment today to pray for the urgent work of IJM around the globe.  Specifically, pray for: 

  • Their staff and workers in DC and around the world in field offices working even as you read this to change laws, free slaves and help the oppressed.
  • The teams who are preparing the talks, materials and many details around the conference, and in particular, Tina Hudgins and Michelle Quiles as they help to coordinate details of IJM’s involvement at the conference.
  • A particular measure of wisdom for Gary Haugen, their founder and CEO, as he provides leadership and vision to protect the poor from violence.