August 29 - Pray for "A Taste of Nashville" and Biblica

When our team was creating the conference, one of the goals was to make the event an exposition of the Sing! book. Some funny person made the joke about how the book would never have been written were it not for Nashville's restaurants- given how many of the stories began there! 

What followed was a series of somewhat tangential musings on how good food inspires good conversation, deeper friendship, more joy and laughter (and thus creativity), and also thoughts on everything from how amazing Nashville's food scene is to how Christ so often used eating times for most effective conversation.
And so...  "A Taste of Nashville" was born...where we welcome Nashville chefs and food trucks to provide our meal for the evening.

  • Pray that this time will provide a welcome breath in the conference for people to enjoy food and laughter and conversation, for meeting new friends and contacts, and for being a safe place to throw out ideas.
  • Pray for all the organizers, food companies and most especially pray for our friends at Biblica. We have partnered with them on projects for ten years and they are the sponsor for this event within the conference.  We look forward to hearing about what they are doing from Stephen Cave and the team.