August 28 - Pray for Don Carson

We are delighted to have Don Carson coming to share at the conference. We, like many others, were inspired by Don's writing while we were still at college, and his encouragement to me as a young musician in my twenties to write hymns was hugely significant.

He's speaking on "Sing to the Lord! Singing and the Christian Mind". After learning why we sing, and then the radical witness of Christian singing, we come gradually inward with the church, the Christian family, and then finally Don speaks on the individual, and in particular, the Christian mind. 

  • Let's give thanks today for Don Carson and the work he has done in our generation - through his teaching, his books and The Gospel Coalition.  And, pray for him as he prepares and indeed for all the work he continues to do to help influence a deeply biblical church around the world.
  • Let's pray that this talk is radically counter-cultural in our generation of soft and shallow songs and is both challenging and inspiring to the leaders of the next generation.
  • Pray that rather than just contemplating a theory, churches will build canons of songs that feed the next generations with deep songs they can carry through their life.