August 27 - Pray for Young Leaders and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

As you look around your church this morning, please pray (and, if possible, encourage those you meet with to pray) for next generation leaders interacting with the conference as participants, registrants or through the book or online.

  • Pray that our children's generation, in our own churches and in the church universal, will be spearheaded by deep leaders who lead by example and build deep churches.
  • Pray that the churches they lead will be known (like in almost all periods of revival from the Acts of the Apostles forward) for passionate, authentic, deep, worshipping people, families and congregations.
  • Pray for one of our conference partners, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. We have enjoyed a partnership here stretching over ten years through concerts, teaching and writing their college hymn, "For theCause".  (We've spent so much time with their president, Daniel Akin, that Keith actually has developed a curious South Georgian twang to his accent!)
  • Pray for their contributions; for increased interest in their work; for their students; for Daniel Akin, Art Rainer, and the staff involved; and for Thom Rainier who will give a talk with them at the conference.