August 25 - Pray for Our Children and Families

Paul Tripp's talk will introduce family worship, and there are also a number of practical seminars on this topic.

Both in the unity of the family and in the raising of our children, what we sing is so crucial. I often tell the story of asking John MacArthur for his advice on child raising and, surprisingly to me, how he strongly emphasized the importance of the songs we sing in our homes.

It's interesting that certain groups of New England Puritans didn't allow men to even take the Lord's Supper unless they were praying and singing with their families daily, as it was their first responsibility. Though that was possibly a pastoral overreach, it sits in vast contrast to today. 

  • Let's pray for Paul and for every speaker in the children/family track.
  • Let's pray for the leadership in our churches and for the responsibility to protect and raise our own families and those in our care - they are the backbone of our churches, society and the future. 
  • Let's pray that the imaginations and memories and intellects of our children will be filled with the beauty of Jesus from the earliest of ages through the songs we sing, and that those with musical gifts will use them more.
  • Let's pray for more and more great materials - our generation may not have the economy of time or family values the Puritans had, but we do have the economy of technology.  Let's pray for more and more truly helpful resources we can give our children - they are desperately needed.