August 23 - Pray for Paul Tripp - How Singing Transforms Families and Churches

Like Alistair Begg & Don Carson, Kristyn and I had the privilege to meet Paul Tripp even before we moved to America (during our first year of marriage, in Switzerland) and have enjoyed his friendship, counsel, creativity and hilarious fun for over 12 years.
Our prayer for the conference is that Paul brings to everyone something of what he has brought to us over the years -  

  • an infectious, deep, no-nonsense passion for the Holy privilege of sung worship and
  • an ability to speak into how singing relates to the harsh realities of family and congregational life.  I do not know anyone who has spent more time counseling church leaders regarding their families and congregational life.  As Paul is an extraordinary theologian, let's pray many of us are challenged to our core about the reality of the Christian life in these key areas of relationship.

Let's also pray - 

  • that Paul's creativity, humor and skill set will spark fresh ideas for how our families and congregations can more creatively become singing people.
  • let's also pray for Paul's health (which he has struggled with so much) and for his wonderful wife, Luella, who lives through each moment with him.