August 19 - Pray A Night at the Grand Ole Opry House

We are so looking forward to the Monday evening and the hymn-sing at the Grand Ole Opry House!
Pray that this will be an inspiring evening of praise for the more-than 4,500 people attending that night as they come away from the regular commitments of life to sing this incredible gospel together in such a unique context.

Pray for creativity and joy!
     - for the band, guest musicians, and production as they perform in this venue, that the creativity will inspire in many others a new desire to grow their creative gifts in service to Christ.
     - for attendees as they consider the gifts of music and creativity God has given them, that those who need refreshing of their enthusiasm will find renewal, and that the others, especially the young musicians, will find it to be a night that kindles dreams and ideas of kingdom value.
Pray for all the guests who join us that evening in the audience, online and even the staff at the Opry House, that the beauty of music, the power of the singing, and the kindness of attendees will be a resounding witness to Christ.
Pray for Alistair as he shares again that evening and also for the night's theme of mission, that the witness of those great missionaries who have gone before us will once again be a great inspiration, and that altogether it will help set the tone for David Platt's message on Tuesday morning.