August 18 - Pray for David Platt and the Radical Witness

The second talk at the conference is being given by David Platt, and the theme is the radical witness of congregational singing. In this chapter of the Sing!book we want people to leave with two clear convictions: 

  1. What and how we sing is a witness - it always has been and always will be - from Old Testament to the early church in Acts and throughout the history of the church global, to the history of the church in America: how we sing is not merely a private or "in the club" exercise.
  2. What we sing should fire us to mission - if we are not singing about the gospel of Christ, the realities of heaven and hell, and the call on all of us to be missional, we can't expect our congregations to take it as seriously as they should.  One of the most remarkable things about studying great missionaries is how critical hymns and sung worship was to all of them.

Pray for David - no one has more inspired Kristyn and me on the urgency of mission than David has, and we are thrilled that he would be willing to serve all who are attending the conference given the huge constraints on his time.

Combining his influence on youth and young leaders as well as his dynamic vision for the older generation, we are beyond excited about David's talk and the impact it could have on mission through musical channels.

Please ask yourself how you can use your life, gifts, calling and your place to be more missional, and come to the conference ready to listen, consider and be inspired to more fully participate in the Great Commission.